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You will keep on going

I have been working with Jeff for a year-and-a-half. I have not missed one class. Even while I was travelling to different time zones, Jeff made himself available to my schedule. Jeff is an excellent trainer, he knows my body and its limits better than I do. He takes the time to explain why we

Maia jutzy-Peponnet

Jeff Changed My Life

In April 2021, I was in miserable shape — over 330 lbs, with arthritic knees, a bad back, and constant aches and fatigue. Getting in and out of the car was an ordeal, and I couldn’t walk around the grocery store, much less around the block! It was the worst paradox — I knew I

Erin Blackman

Incredibly Skilled Trainer

I have been training with Jeff since 2016. There is no other way to say it–Jeff is INCREDIBLY skilled at what he does. He is a truly holistic trainer who thoughtfully considers body, mind, and environment when developing exercise programs for his clients. He possesses very broad and strong knowledge of the science behind his

Barbara Fattig

Awesome Trainer

I’ve worked with Jeff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic using my home gym. He is an excellent trainer. He is friendly and flexible. He offers a balanced workout and pushes me to constantly challenge myself. He stresses good technique and safety. He is very knowledgeable about kinetics, exercise physiology, and nutrition. I’m very pleased with the

Sean Tushla

Hope you’re ready to get STRONG!

Jeff has been coaching my for little over a year now and I have never been stronger! His custom tailored strength program has helped me increase both in size and strength. He’s always easy to get ahold of if I have any questions and he’s always able to alter my weekly programs whenever life gets

Anthony Boler

The Man for the Job!

I have been working out with Jeff since 2019 to current time with 25lb lost and substantial amount of strength gained. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, not just on the workouts but nutrition, body and even mental aspects. All that knowledge and experiences in the fitness arena makes Jeff (Lift to Thrive) an outstanding

Tigran Kalantaryan

Your Body Will Thank You

By the end of 2020, like many of us, I was in bad shape. I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym for 10 months and felt very lethargic and unhealthy. I was still not ready to work out in a crowd of people. Then I signed up for virtual one-on-one personal training sessions at home

Carolyn Randolph

Jeff is Amazing!

I started training with Jeff about 2 years ago. Within 5 months I went from 151 lb. to 115 lb. (Female, age 37). He helped me with diet and nutrition and I’ve learned a lot from him. He is very knowledgeable about the body and customizes the workouts to your personal needs. I have gotten

Hermina Goretoy

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